Farewell to Song Mountain


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‘Farewell to Song Mountain’ is a sequel to my previous book ‘A Mountain in China’. I hadn’t planned on writing another book but so many people loved the first one and asked me for more that it seems like I have to do a bit more writing.  In addition, I could never have believed that I would have so many more adventures in China, so there is much more to say. The book is now published and is available to buy on ALL amazon sites as a paperback or e-book.  On amazon.com the prices are $10.50/ $7.50; on amazon.co.uk the prices are £8.52/ £5.50 and on amazon.de the prices are Euros 10.76 for the book but they dont mention the price for the kindle edition in the Kindle Store although it is available — around Euros 7,

To illustrate the book I have made an Instagram and a Facebook page with about 200 coloured images. There are many images in the book but they are small and are black and white. I have arranged the images in chapters which correspond to the chapters in the book. For example, if you are reading Ch 7, you can access the instagram page and scroll down until you find Ch 7. The images you see there illustrate what you are reading.

Not only were my visits to Song Mountain intriguing on many levels, they also provided a visual feast which was extraordinarily beautiful. One picture says more than thousands of words and these pictures show an almost untouched world that few people know about.

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